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Jiehe & Aijing – Bali Prewedding in Ubud to Sunset Beach by Gupy

– 15 Feb 2018 –

Love was in the air, when we meet Jiehe and Aijing, Singaporean couple who planned to capture their pre-wedding moment in Bali. The gesture could not deceive, which was reflected...

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Riccki & Stephanie – Bali Prewedding in Kintamani to Nusa Lembongan by Gupy

– 05 Jan 2018 –

Bali has always become an attractive place for lovebirds to have their prewedding photo sessions. This tropical paradise offers numerous beautiful places that can be the best spots for photo...

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Daniel & Jessica – Lombok Wedding Destination Jeeva Klui by Gupy

– 01 Jan 2018 –

The day when a sacred vow is made will always be the day to remember forever. It was in July 2017 when two hearts became one. Yes, it was the...

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Leno & Melody – Bali Wedding Destination Four Season Jimbaran by Gupy

– 18 May 2016 –

The day already came. The day when two hearts officially bonded in the name of marriage. The day when Leno and Melody declared their long-lasting love in front of God....

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Wiwit – Beauty in Maternity by Gupy

– 16 Feb 2016 –

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Hung & Cheryl – Bali Wedding Destination in Ayana, Jimbaran by Gupy

– 18 Sep 2016 –

We met Hung and Cheryl in 2015. They asked us to shoot their special moment on September 18th, 2015. Love was there, when we started the conversation with this Australian...

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YY & Lenelle – Bali Prewedding in Sunrise Lake to the Sunset Beach by Gupy

– 31 May 2016 –

May 31st 2015 becomes one of the sweetest moments for YY and Lenelle before they moved to marriage life. Such a honor for GP Balipotography having a chance to capture...

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Lester & Cheryl – Bali Nature Honeymoon Horse Riding by Gupy

– 04 Apr 2017 –

Flew from Singapore, Lester and Cheryl planned to create pre wedding photo shoot in Bali. They thought Bali was the most romantic place in the world that perfect for witnessing...

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Israel & Chelsea – Bali Wedding Beach front by Gupy

– 03 Apr 2016 –

Imagine, a sweet romantic wedding by the beach. Beach, sea and Bali tropical atmosphere also become the witness for the sacred moment of your life. Only family, closest friends and...

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Lee & Ahn – Bali Wedding Destination at Bukit Naga Villa by Gupy

– 09 Apr 2017 –

Ubud become the witness of true love between Lee and Ahn. This Korean couple bonded their relationship to the next level called marriage life. All was happened on April 9th,...

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Dedy & Shanti – Bali Casual Honeymoon by Gupy

– 14 Mar 2016 –

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Kris & Veronica – Bali Prewedding at Nusa Lembongan island by Gupy

– 08 Feb 2018 –

One of our intimate pre-wedding photo shoot goes to Kris & Veronica. Lembongan Island was selected to be the main venue for capturing their exceptional romantic moment. Located off the...

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