Daniel & Jessica – Lombok Wedding Destination Jeeva Klui by Gupy

The day when a sacred vow is made will always be the day to remember forever. It was in July 2017 when two hearts became one. Yes, it was the wedding of Daniel and Jessica. We were so excited for having a great chance in taking that fabulous moment. Although it has been several months ago, the married couple sill remembered every detail of that glorious moment. Whenever they open the photos we took for them, it feels like they can always go back again to the special moment. The memorable occasion took place in Jeeva Klui, Lombok. They really had a great taste in choosing the location for the wedding as the place is obviously beautiful. It was like a private place with the blend of nautical and tropical vibe.

The wedding held in July 8th, 2017. During the occasion which include wedding ceremony and reception, we tried to capture every single moment. When Jessica prepared herself in her bride room, for instance, the lenses of the camera could capture her natural flawless beauty with the expression of happiness in her face. She looked very pretty with simple hairdo in her white casual wedding dress. Meanwhile, the groom, Daniel looked so relaxed. At least that is what could be seen from the camera. He probably feel a bit nervous inside but in all of his photos, he always puts a smile on her face.

We took not only the pics of the groom and the bride but also every small detail of the wedding such as the wedding attire, the invitation, the flower bouquet, the food, the cake, and many more. It was so nice of taking the photos of these small things. These details are a part of the wedding that should not be missed. They indeed tell story. They are like pieces that when collected, can create a complete story of the wedding. It’s very important to take photos of all these details as after the wedding, they were all probably just gone and only through photos, these small details can be remembered forever.

The wedding ceremony was started by the bride’s sisters walking down the aisle After the ceremony that took place in the morning, the reception began. Through the eye of our camera, we could found happy expressions, smiles, laugh and other emotions of all family and guests. Their excitement was really naturally captured. But there was also touching moment when Daniel read his vow. It was so romantic. Even when you were not there you could still feel the romantic vibe by just looking at the photos.

The reception was getting livelier in the evening. The groom and the bride mingled with the guests. They talked and laughed together. From the photos you really could feel the intimate feel. It was like there was no distance between the host and the guests. We really felt like a family. Music was playing and everyone was dancing happily. The most exited moment happen when the friends of Daniel and Jessica, surprisingly start dancing one by one in a beat of song that well known by the couple. The happy surprised emotion can be seen from their face. They were so happy and never imagine that all friends and family will put such efforts, time and dedication to that dance. We also feel happy for both of the couple. Congratulation Dan & Jess. Cheers

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