Riccki & Stephanie – Bali Prewedding in Kintamani to Nusa Lembongan by Gupy

Bali has always become an attractive place for lovebirds to have their prewedding photo sessions. This tropical paradise offers numerous beautiful places that can be the best spots for photo sessions. That is why the lovely couple, Riccki and Stephanie chose Bali as their location of prewedding photo sessions. We were really excited to work with this couple. It was really interesting. Four locations were chosen to meet the concept of the prewedding and each of them brings distinct atmosphere that generate a romantic vibe in beautiful nature.

The first location was Mount Batur. We had to leave very early from the hotel before the dawn and hoped that the sky would be clear because we wanted to have the sunrise session. Thanks God it’s just like what we expected. The sky was blue with mesmerizing golden sunrise. With the background of Mount Batur and the rocky landscape, the couple were posing in formal wedding attire. Stephanie looks astonishing in her white wedding gown while Riccki was equally gorgeous in his black suit. The couple as well as the views were perfect, resulting in great photos. The silhouette photos were great too. They said the silhouette ones are their favorite.

After the whole morning spending time in Mount Batur, we headed to the second location. It’s one of the gorgeous Waterfall. It was really relaxing place. It’s also a wonderful location for the photo session. In the second round of the photo session the tone was set to be casual yet more intimate. The tea-length maroon dress that Stephanie was wearing generates a fabulous contrast with Riccki’s blue shirt. The sparkling waterfall behind highlighted the exceptional natural vibe not to mention the stone cliff and medium-size pumice in the river.

The sun was getting hotter when we finished with the photo session in this Waterfall. The next destination was Lembongan. Yes, we have to hop on a fast boat to reach this Nusa Lembongan. Time is tight indeed, but this is important wish from the couple, so we will do our best to accommodate it. Luckily, the traffic is very friendly and smooth. So we can catch the boat boarding time on time. We ride a fast boat for 30 minutes from Sanur Harbour to Lembongan. When we arrived at Lembongan, the next photo sessions began as soon as we checked in at the hotel. After finished the makeup retouch, we headed to Mangrove. Riccki and Stephanie were riding a small wooden boat on the swamp river surrounded by mangrove forest. Obviously, they really blended with the nature. Their white dress code set a contrast with the green nature, highlighting the object.

Then, we continue to captured their moment with a background of a wonderful daylight beach. We had to fight with the hot weather, so hot here, but we were so excited and enjoy the photo session more than feeling the hot weather. Although the sky was a bit cloudy, it didn’t decrease the beauty of the photos. Instead it created a supreme beauty. In this last session, the vibe was set to be more relaxing. The couple dressed in a beach attire, which was good. The photo that captures them in a swing is one of their favorite.

Of course we also took some wonderful photos in the most popular spot there, The Devil Tears. It was a very special location due to the cliff with waves around. Here, the bride-and-groom-to-be dressed up formally again. Stephanie was wearing pink wedding dress that looks astonishingly gorgeous in contrast with dark blue sky.

From the morning to the evening, four different nature types namely mount, waterfall, and beach and different vibes of pose for each location had been captured. The couple seemed so happy and we’re much happier.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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