Jiehe & Aijing – Bali Prewedding in Ubud to Sunset Beach by Gupy

Love was in the air, when we meet Jiehe and Aijing, Singaporean couple who planned to capture their pre-wedding moment in Bali. The gesture could not deceive, which was reflected by their intimacy to each other. From our first conversation, we conclude that the impeccable concept for Jiehe and Aijing highlighted the synergy between love and nature. It brought us to catch their moment in several incredible places in Bali. The concept also related to both personalities that tend to easy going, fun and generous. Beach, nature and temple were three elements that brought romantic gimmick to their pre-wedding photographs. We suggested them to choose Full day Pre-wedding Package, in order to give more chance for them in exploring the photo-shoot concept.

Start from 7 AM, Jiehe and Aijing prepared themselves with makeup and styling, which also chose stunning wardrobes embracing several outfit themes. The first wardrobe raised casual and elegant style was completely blending into our first photo-shoot venue located in the famous Ubud. Locals called the venue as Campuhan Hill or “the hill of love”, which truly reflected our photo shoot purpose. Our camera captured the romantic scene between Jiehe and Aijing while they explored the beauty of Campuhan Ridge Walk surrounded with beautiful high Elephant grass and various tropical plants. Such a breathtaking natural atmosphere encircled couple’s love. We explored some angles from candid to landscape, in order to achieve the significant aesthetic pictures.

That day, on September 3rd 2015, A charming blue clear sky moved us to another venue located in the heart of Denpasar. Our next stop was Bali Museum, where the spot offered a remarkable view of Balinese art details. This Singaporean couple wanted a mix concept of International and traditional style. Both wore glamour bridal outfit among the lush tropical garden and Balinese architecture. The venue inspired us to explore much more architectural details such as Bali gate entrance and stone sculptures.

The weather looked completely fine after we finished the photo shoot at Bali Museum. Thus without hesitation, we went to Jimbaran Cliff. Our next concept emphasized the tropical love by cliff setting. They still wore bridal costume, which was perfectly fit into the setting ambience. We wanted to show their magnificent love through spectacular cliff panoramic. Another photo shoot continued to Sunset Beach, where we captured couple’s romantic scene in the exotic sunset backdrops. The photo concept was tend to be more casual, but exposed their love reflection.

 It was great time to frame their moment on our camera lens. Both have lovely intimacy that simply melting everyone’s heart after seeing them. We hope a long lasting love always be with them.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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