Bruno & Eunice – Bali Prewedding Tamblingan Lake to Sunset Beach by Team

Charming, passionate and happy, that is the feelings that we saw when we met Bruno and Eunice firstly. Both of them belong to Singaporean couple who want to take a picture for their prewedding in Bali. They choose the Gods of Island as their places for capturing the moment of prewedding.  At the first time, we also conclude that both of them have the close intimacy and that can be seen from their gestures. When they got us and delivered their willing regarding to moment of prewedding photography, we can conclude that both of the loving couple wants to have the natural places as their spot for their prewedding photography.  They also hired us as Bali wedding photographer for assisting their prewedding photography.

After hearing their willing we suggested to take a moment of prewedding photography in several places which have the great panorama of natural places. We chose the Lake Tamblingan, Bali Museum and Tegal Wangi Beach. We offered those places to the loved couple and they agreed for capturing their prewedding moments in those natural spots. We start the session of prewedding photography at 01.00 AM. At that time, both of the spouses started having makeup and of course the best styling. Besides that, we also prepared the wardrobe which can deliver the stunning and eye-catching wardrobe which can embrace the outfit themes.  All of the wardrobe and themes which was chosen is represented their personalities in which they belong to easy-going person with kind and no hard feeling nature.

In the first spot, at the Lake Tamblingan, after make-up and styling have already conducted, we went to the first spot. In this spot, the loved couple wants to have the natural prewedding photography which was back -grounded with the lush sunrise in the Lake Tamblingan. In this spot, both Bruno and Eunice wore the elegant and casual style outfits which could be blended into the natural spot and the lake Tamblingan. Even though the weather was getting cold, the photo session ran well and the couple enjoyed having photo in this spot.  Besides that, the scenery of the sunrise also delivered the great impact in the prewedding photo so that it make the photo so eye-catching and stunning.

After taking a picture at the Lake Tamblingan, we moved to the second venues which would be used for the prewedding photography. The second spot which have already chosen by the loved couple and Bali professional wedding photographer is Bali Museum. This venue was chosen as it offers a number of remarkable balinese art in detail. The loved couple asked to the Bali professional photographers to have the mixture between the traditional Balinese art and the international style. Even though the weather was little hot, it didn’t decrease the photography session.

After completed to take pictures at Bali Museum, we moved to the last spot, at Tegal Wangi beach. This venue was chosen because it is known owning the beautiful scenery for the sunset. We also saw that the loved couple seemed that both love the beaches. Even though that was the last session, they still enjoyed the photography session.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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