Bali Prewedding Destination of Shawn & Shokmay

It is undeniable that there are so many couples who visit Bali before they get married because they want to have a prewedding photo session in some great spots in Bali. They may come from overseas and other regions. However, they must hire a Bali professional wedding photographer to make their dream come true. There is a story from our clients who hired us to be their prewedding photographer.

September 30th, 2016 was a special day for both Shawn and Sokmay. They were coming from Singapore and wished to have prewedding photos in Bali. They entrusted their prewedding session to us as one of the best Bali professional wedding photographers. The Groom was really cool and he was really obsessed with nature and the bride was really beautiful and charming. Both of them looked so harmonious to be living together.

They hired GP Bali Photography and they booked full day prewedding photo session. We started the makeup session at 6 AM. We took several locations for the prewedding background. We recommended them some of the best spots which were usually used for the prewedding photo. We preferred Tegenungan waterfall, Dcosmic Coffe, and Melasti Beach.

When we started the first session in Tegenungan waterfall, the weather was hot with a little cloudy. However, it was not a big deal at all because we were surrounded by beautiful green forest with cool water. Tegenungan waterfall seemed to be a wonderful place for a prewedding photo with its waterfall background which was really clear and clean. The atmosphere really made them excited despite they had to be careful so that they did not get wet.

After we finished the first session in Tegenungan waterfall, then we moved to the second spot. This time, we took modern concept with a Cafe background. We chose Dcosmic Coffe as the second place for the photo session. They looked so romantic and harmonious in a white and blue dress. The color combination was really perfect and it looked alive because the place was really clean and bright with various accents.

After we have done with the second session, we continued to the last session and they both changed their outfits. We went to Melasti beach as one of the best spots for a prewedding photo session. The weather was promising and we waited for the best sunset view to be the background. The evening was wonderful because the sunset finally came and we started the session. We got several photos with wonderful backgrounds. Moreover, the beach also looked spectacular with its calm wave.

We finished all the sessions at 7 PM and it seemed that both of them were so tired and wished to back to their country Singapore. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to take their prewedding photos in Bali. As the most Bali professional photographer, we will always try to make our clients satisfied by recommending them some nice places for the prewedding photo session. GP Bali Photography is not only providing wedding photography, but we also accept all kinds of photo sessions.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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