Wendry & Cindy – Bali Prewedding With Two Days Session

Flew to Bali, Wendry and Cindy were about to have prewedding photos in some wonderful locations in Bali. It seemed that they were going to get married in a few months to go. So, they planned to have the best prewedding photos ever in Bali and wanted to hire a Bali professional wedding photographer. Both of them were very charming and romantic. The bride was so calm and loved beach view while the groom really loved Bali nature.

They came to Bali for holiday and took some prewedding photos. They entrusted their prewedding photo to GP Bali Photography as one of the Bali professional wedding photographers. We provide all day and half day prewedding photo session while Wendry and Cindy preferred all day prewedding photo session. Therefore, we recommended them seven different locations in two sessions.

The first session was taken in Danau Tamblingan, Kebun Raya Bedugul, Tegal Wangi Cliff, and Sunset beach Tegal Wangi. On the first session, the weather was really friendly despite it was a bit intense in the daylight. It was really nice to see the sunrise in the morning despite the weather was quite cold. Here we started the session in the morning and get some wonderful sunrise views.

After we finished the first photo session in the Tamblingan Lake, then we continued to the second spot in Kebun Raya Bedugul. It seemed that the forest atmosphere was really perfect for morning photos. We asked them to change their outfits in blue so that the combination accent would be harmonious. After that, we moved to the next location Tegal Wangi Cliff. This location was also wonderful with its beautiful cliff and sea view. We got some perfect photos in this cliff with a different angle. At last, we continued the session at the same place Tegal Wangi beach to wait for the sunset. The sunset was really spectacular with its gold accent and we finished the first session in the evening.

The next day was for the second session and we went to three different prewedding photo location. They were Tegenungan Waterfall, Bukit Campuhan Ubud, and Amanda Capel. Tegenungan waterfall was our favorite spot to take prewedding photos. We recommended to all of our clients to have pictures there. In the morning, we invited Wendry and Cindy to visit Tegenungan waterfall and we started to take their photos. The result was really wonderful and perfect because the weather was also promising. The second spot was Bukit Campuhan Ubud which was also our favorite spot. They both looked outstanding with their white outfits and made them look more romantic and harmonious. After we finished the session in Bukit Campuhan, then we went to Amanda Capel. It was a cool building with a white nuance. It really looked perfect for a couple in white dresses. The location was really clean and looked so white.

Well, that is a story of prewedding photo session from Wendry and Cindy where they entrusted the photos session to GP Bali Photography as the best Bali professional photographer. Here, they were really excited because all of the prewedding photo locations were really fantastic and beautiful. They wished that they could do it again but for holiday.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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