Don & JR – Bali Prewedding With Romantic Scenery

Bali becomes one of the most favorite destinations for any couples who want to get married and they can hire Bali professional wedding photographer to make their dream come true. There are so many great spots for a prewedding session in Bali. Here, we would like to share a story of a couple, Don and JR, who took prewedding photos in Bali by GP Bali Photography.

September 26th and 29th became Don and Jiarong best moment before they got married officially because they were about to take some prewedding photos in Bali. They came from Singapore and flew to Bali to get the best Bali prewedding photos and they hired GP Bali Photography as the best Bali professional wedding photographer that provides half and full day prewedding photo package for everyone.  We took several prewedding spots to get the best angle and views. They were two sessions, the first session was taken in Mumbul Monument and Melasti Beach and the second session was taken in Pengempu Waterfall and Paddy Field in Petang.

Don was a handsome guy with a photogenic characteristic and Jiarong or JR was so beautiful. Both of them were perfect and romantic. Though Singapore was a great city, but they preferred to take prewedding photo session in Bali. Don and Jiarong booked our half day pre wedding package in two days and we started the makeup session at 12.30 PM and then continued to the photo session up to 07.00 PM. We began the photo session and for the first session, we started from Monument of Mumbul and Melasti Beach.

This first photo session in Mumbul Monument was really great and the sky was so bright and blue but it was only for a few minutes and the rain came down. It was a bit disappointing but we still could get some great photo results in the location. The rain could even make the circumstance more harmonious and natural. After that, we continued to have some photos in Melasti Beach but the rain already stopped and we got a spectacular sky view which was suitable for a prewedding photo session. The Melasti beach offers an amazing scenery and while beach sand. Don and JR were very excited to take a lot of pictures in this awesome beach.

The second session was even better than the first session but it was quite hot in the daylight. We started at the same hour as yesterday and we spent our half day in Pengempu Waterfall and Paddy Field in Petang. The view of Pengempu Waterfall was really extraordinary with its green forest setting. It made Don and JR feel more wonderful in this situation because they really dreamt of having prewedding in the middle of nature. Moreover, they also got a chance to have pictures with paddy field background in Petang. Paddy field in Bali is known to be the best paddy fields in the world. That’s why as the best Bali wedding photographer, we recommended this spot for their last location.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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