Riccki & Stephanie – Bali mainland prewedding to Lembongan island by Team

What a perfect day for Riccki and Stephanie because they were about to get married officially in a few monthss to go. However, they wanted to take some pre-wedding pictures to make their marriage more memorable and they flew from Jakarta to Bali to get the best spot for a photo session. So, they entrusted their pre-wedding photo session to GP Bali Photography as one of the best Bali wedding photographers that provided a half and full day with sunrise photo session. Here is the story of Riccki and Stephanie when they hired us to take their pre-wedding photos in Bali.

They were a unique couple and looked so serious but still romantic. Riccki was a funny guy and Stephanie also was a funny woman and made them a funny couple. It was 06.00 Am when we were about to begin the photo session to get the sunrise scene. Of course, we put some makeups first on their face and provided the best dress for the photo session. We took three locations for the photo sessions. They are Black Lava Batur, Blangsinga waterfall, and we got the sunset in one of the wonderful part of Bali island its Lembongan.

After the makeup, we begin the session in Black Lava. Speaking of the photo session, the weather in that day was very bright and perfect despite it was a bit hot in the daylight with a beautiful sunrise and blue sky. Black lava was the first location and it made the couple feel so excited because the spot really looked awesome with Batur mountain as the backdrop . This unique couple preferred Black Lava because they wanted to look different from other couples. The atmosphere was ordinary, but it still looked spectacular for pre-wedding photo background.

Next, we continued the photo session in Blangsinga Waterfall. This is a great part which becomes the best spot for pre-wedding pictures. The last spot for the pre-wedding session of Riccki and Stephanie was Lembongan Island. We were waiting for the sunset to come and it finally came and we took some perfect pictures there. The sky was clear and the sunset could be seen perfectly with some cloud. We took some great photos with sunset and beach as the background. Riccki was in a black dress and Stephanie was in a pink wedding dress which looked harmonious with the atmosphere at that moment.

This pre-wedding photography Bali finished at 7 PM after the sunset photo session. Riccki and Stephanie were very happy to have pre-wedding photos with GP Bali Photography as the most experienced Bali wedding photographer. They would be feeling perfect and complete after taking some pre-wedding photo session in some popular landmarks in Bali. All of their dreams came true and they are now officially married and get unforgettable experience during the photo session in Bali.

Makeup by Wiwit Makeup

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