Kayden & Jeslyn – Bali Prewedding With Romantic Ambient Sunrise

Perhaps, that time was one of the special moments for Kayden and Jeslyn. Besides both of the loved spouses would have the marriage, they had several moments which could make them so happy. Kayden and Jeslyn belong to the Singaporean loved couple who wanted to have the great and stunning pre-wedding photography in Bali. In addition, they also asked us, Bali wedding photographer for assisting them in taking the unforgettable moment for their pre-wedding photos. At that time, we have the great weather along the day. There was no rain and it of course was helpful for capturing the pre-wedding photo shot.

The great and friendly weather was also beneficial for making the photo of the Singaporean couple eye-catching since it would deliver the great and stunning background for the pre-wedding photos.  Besides that, the good weather also made us, bali professional wedding photographer easy for capturing every single moment.  After speaking to the loved couple, we conclude to choose the three venue for the spots of pre-wedding photo shots, they are Tamblingan Lake, Burrocafe, and Tegal wangi beach.

We started our pre-wedd photo session at 01.00 AM. Perhaps, that time was too early for starting conducting the common activities. However, that time was not too early for us, for bali professional photographer. It was the great time for taking a moment especially for those who want to have the scenic sunrise in Bali. We wanted to captured the beautiful stunning sunrise at the Tamblingan Lake.  Fortunetaly, the loved couple stayed in the hotel which is not far from the first venue, so that we had no problem regarding the starting time of the photo-session.

Chosing the Temblingan Lake as the first venue for the pre-wedding photographs could be the best choice since this venue delivered the great combinations which were required for creating the romantic photo-shoot between Kayden and Jeslyn.

After completing the pre-wedding photo sessions at the Temblingan Lake, we moved to the second venue which would like to be used as the spectacular spot. While in the previous spot which highlighted the romantic theme in nature, in the second venue, the spot also offered the scenic and romantic place for their pre-wedding photos. This venue offered the modern style which was also combined with the Balinese style. In this session, both of the groom and bride wore the casual and elegant outfits and both of them showed their intimacy each other. Using cool ambience as the background of the photos, we also used certain property, like wooden table for adding the stunning photos between Kyaden and Jeslyn.

After accomplished of capturing the unforgotable moment in those venues, we moved to the last venue at the Tegal Wangi beach. While at the Temblingan lake, we looked forward to the beautiful sunset, in this venue, we would like to find the spectacular sunrise for their photos. The waves can be the right object to be captured as the background of the photos since the wave also described their personality that each of them is taciturn but so kind.

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