Leno & Melody – Bali Wedding Destination Four Season Jimbaran by Gupy

The day already came. The day when two hearts officially bonded in the name of marriage. The day when Leno and Melody declared their long-lasting love in front of God. Leno and Melody still remembered that special moment, at least from the photos that we took for them. Yes, we had a chance to capture their glorious wedding moment. Leno and Melody asked for documenting every single moment of their wedding. The wedding was held at Four Season, Jimbaran on May 18th, 2015. Back to that memorable moment, we followed their wedding procession, from religious ceremony to the fantastic wedding party. An abundance of romantic stream flowed from this memory.

On that day, Melody already prepared herself in bride room. She made herself enjoying makeup, hairdo and wardrobe procession. Our camera found her natural beauty creating special smiley. She looked gorgeous with a beautiful white bridal gown covered her body. In different room, there was Leno also preparing himself with black gentle suit. We knew the couple feeling nervous, but they simply enjoyed the moments before they arrived at the chapel. It has been quite long period for the relationship between Melody and Leno to take the highest step of their love. Wedding always becomes such important stage to shape their love. In addition to the moment, we capture every detail of their wedding, even their bridal wardrobe and the venue ambience. We’d like to reach something intimate from the photos we took.

The wedding ceremony embraced tropical atmosphere around Four Season Jimbaran. Unlike usual wedding, there was Balinese music instrumental “gamelan” accompanying the event. It brought the essential of Balinese culture into the event. A chapel overlooking Indian Ocean splendor looks truly amazing. Naturally set up among the lush tropical garden, the outdoor chapel brought unique ambience into this wedding ceremony. We can feel how the couple’s romantic moment blended with breezy tropical vibes and peaceful nature. Leno and Melody could not hide their happiness. There was something relief and joyful, after they declared the vow of love in front of priest and their God. What a sacred moment of love! May 18, 2015 becomes the unforgettable for them.

We also had a chance to make a special wedding photography by exploring every corner of Four Season Jimbaran place. We asked the couple to be captured their memorable moment with friends and colleague. The moment when bride and groom had a wedding bouquet throwing was special scene for us. The party was not over. It turned to be more casual at the night. We spent wonderful reception night with Leno and Melody and also their friends and families. The reception was beautifully held at the Jimbaran Beach in very intimate and private moment with their closest friends and families. One moment when groom and bride had a sweet dancing together was our favorite. For additional information, we were not only shoot their wedding ceremony, but we also realise their pre wedding concept before wedding in some impeccable Bali venues.

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