Hung & Cheryl – Bali Wedding Destination in Ayana, Jimbaran by Gupy

We met Hung and Cheryl in 2015. They asked us to shoot their special moment on September 18th, 2015. Love was there, when we started the conversation with this Australian couple. They would move into the next level of their relationship. Yes, the marriage life would welcome Hung and Cheryl. Both were serious about commitment, while we saw both honest eyes. Hung and Cheryl told us about their different background, either career or personal habits. Hung Chuy is a successful young Principal and Wealth Manager, while Cheryl is a business owner and beauty therapist. In personality, both are funny, kind and generous. Cheryl and Hung could unite and bond their distinctive characters into one serious commitment named marriage.

The day came, whilst a groom, Hung Chuy looked a bit nervous, but kept their wedding with full enthusiasm. We captured his moment at the groom room, where Hung’s best man were also there. They cheered up to the groom and made a fun with him. Wearing black formal suits, Hung looked so ready to face his and Cheryl’s special moment. At other room, Cheryl prepared herself with a beautiful white bridal gown. She looks exquisite with pretty hairdo and makeup. Three bridesmaids looked busy to help her in managing her dress. Cheryl delivered her happiness and joyful into a whole room. Our camera was hypnotized by her beautiful smile.

The wedding was held in Ayana Resort Jimbaran. This resort was indeed one of the most favorite venues for wedding in Bali. Interestingly, Ayana’s Capel overlooks the blue Ocean vista. It brought spectacular vibes into the couple’s special moment. There was no worry left on Hung face. Several times, our camera captured her smile, when he was standing on the altar. And Cheryl with his father entered to the Capel. She got he spotlight at that time. Hung was very excited to hold her hand. The climax was about to start, when groom and bride were asked to declare their marriage vow by the priest. Such a sentimental moment encircled the couple. When, the priest announced that Hung and Cheryl are officially wife and husband, there was something joyful and romantic released from both faces. We could not stay away from their sweetest moment. Our shutter still ran on them. Friends, colleague and families applauded for them with thousand flowers. After finishing a Caple ritual, we asked them to have a pose with their friends and family by taking a background from garden overlooking ocean vista. That was a fun scene to do.

The party was about to start. After the wedding ceremony, a wedding reception was also held at Ayana Resort in the exotic dusk backdrops. We had an opportunity to take their joyful reception that perfectly brought casual style. The bride wore a white Cheongsam dress style that made her look very elegant and exquisite. The atmosphere was fully festive, where guest really enjoyed the party. They danced with bride and groom, while also made some fun thing along the night of party. Our camera never stoped to capture every single happiness that raised from their special night.

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