Israel & Chelsea – Bali Wedding Beach front by Gupy

Imagine, a sweet romantic wedding by the beach. Beach, sea and Bali tropical atmosphere also become the witness for the sacred moment of your life. Only family, closest friends and others beloved ones attend the wedding. It sounds private, but very intimate. Then, Bali nature leads you to embrace the vow of love in very romantic and contemplative way. Though, it would be everyone’s wedding dream. Also for Israel & Chelsea, realizing wedding in Bali was such an unforgettable moment for them. Beside the Bali thingy factors, committing for entering the marriage life was such a big, brave and honest decision for them about the love relationship. Lucky for us that having a chance to documentation their one-moment-of-a-lifetime.

We still remember that was a bright tropical day covering the beachfront area of the Novotel Nusa Dua. A simple altar with so-tropical-white in Balinese contemporary decoration stand on the beach sand, where the altar was breathtaking and hipnitizing by overlooking the splendid Ocean view. Generally, the wedding decoration looked minimalist, but truly blended with tropical view surrounding. A bunch of Balinese’s frangipani flowers decorates the venue was impeccably impressing the invitations. Yellow and white décor blended into a beach ambiance was a perfect combination for wedding tropical themed.

Before the main event started, we followed bride and groom for doing some of their make up. Veronica looks gorgeous with her exquisite white bridal gown. Accompanied with her “best friends” bridesmaids, Veronica could not hide her anxious and excitement at the same time. She had a fun time with her makeup artist and friends before moving into the wedding itself. At the other room, Kris also prepared himself with a very nice suit. Such a dream came true, both never thought their relationship could move into the next level of life. Marriage life and its vow are sacred for them. The commitment of love bonds this couple to enter their new life together.

It was a sunny day at the beach. We saw Kris and Veronica standing at the altar, while the priest pray for them and asked them to declare their wedding vow together. A full of joy embraced their wedding, while all families and friends delivered their salute and happiness to them. Our camera never stop captured their once-lifetime-moment. From the romantic scene to the funniest poses they did with their bridesmaids and groomsman . The wedding venue helped us to improve more angle and moment by exploring the tropical natural view. A beautiful golden sand combined blue Ocean brought some fantastic idea to our pictures.

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