Lester & Cheryl – Bali Nature Honeymoon Horse Riding by Gupy

Flew from Singapore, Lester and Cheryl planned to create pre wedding photo shoot in Bali. They thought Bali was the most romantic place in the world that perfect for witnessing their true love. They asked us to realize their pre-wedding dream with some interesting concept. From our first impression about them, both have beautiful personalities that embracing funny and joyful characters. It inspired us to realize something casual and glamour to their pre-wedding shoot. Whilst, we explored the element of Bali nature, in order to bring exotic touch into their moment. With Full-day Prewedding Package, Lester and Cheryl got more time and benefit to explore their photo shoot concept with various settings and angles.

The day was on August 28th, 2015 with super clear sky that leading us to the first venue located in Petitenget. Unlike other photo shoot concept, the first session was very unique for use, because involved two horses into the photo shoot frame. Yeah, we made it happen. The concept highlighted Lester and Cheryl in horseback riding by the beach. Under the exotic daylight of Bali, Lester and Cheryl showed their lovely intimacy. Cheryl wore stunning blue gown, while Lester completed her with stylish black suit. We captured every single moment that showing their romantic gesture. The horseback riding combined with tropical beach ambience was incredible elements that framing couple’s love scene.

We invited Lester and Cheryl to visit Art Market Kuta. No, we did not purpose them to have a shopping, but we planned to make Art Market Kuta to be second photo shoot venue for their pre-wedding. Both looked excited to do the scene. We asked them to show natural intimate by exploring the art market pedestrian. The idea highlighted the casual romance between them. One of the best moment scenes was when we captured them near motorbike parking. They had a funny chit chat to one another and their expression completely melt into our camera lens.

One photo shoot setting could be considered as our favorite, while it was taken at the Mangrove forest. Lester and Cheryl changed their wardrobe to be more glamour and elegant with bridal costumes. Cheryl was stunning with her white gown, while Lester wore exquisite gentleman suit. The Mangrove Forest is located near Bypass Ngurah Rai, where it offers the wondrous panoramic and tranquil vibes. We captured them with different angle, either candid or landscaped, in order to catch such perfect intimate moment between them. The natural setting remarkably blended into couple’s romance.

Jimbaran Cliff became another destination to catch the unique romantic moment. Lester and Cheryl with their glamorous outfit look spectacular among the cliff panoramic. The cliff atmosphere could exude the magnificent feeling on the picture we captured. The last photo shoot was taken at the Sunset Beach. Actually we planned to catch the impeccable sunset view, but the weather did not much friendly for use. Sunset looks a little bit cloudy, but fortunately we captured it as the best we could. Lester and Cheryl also improved their romantic scene by playing with sand and sea. Finished right at 7 PM, the result was absolutely amazing.

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