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Bali will never stop to impress the visitors. It even provides the best destinations for prewedding. There are loads of ideas that you can choose when planning for a photo session in Bali. The most important thing when planning for prewedding in Bali is to come up with your own theme because if not, you will end up with a mainstream theme that the photographer gives you. The Bali Wedding Photographer has gathered five most popular and unique theme for prewedding in Bali.

Underwater photography

Underwater prewedding photography is the most favorite theme in Bali. The photo shoot takes place underwater and you wear a full wedding dress. Even though it is unique, but certainly it is not for everyone. You have to swim well and able to hold breather underwater. Plus, underwater photography may quite exhaust and you will get tired real quick time. The case is swimming with full dress, repeat to dive over and over, and hold breathe underwater is not easy. You have to repeat the process for sometimes to get enough good photos. Make sure to read the rules and get a general body check up to make sure that you can do the underwater photo session.

Trash the dress

Another popular prewedding idea in Bali is Trash the dress. This is a great idea if you are unable to do underwater photography but still, want to get in the water. Trash the dress prewedding photography allows you to get in the water for around half of the body while the photographer takes picture of you playing in the water. It sounds fun, but make sure that the dress you are wearing is allowed to get wet. Ask the dress rental if you can get it wet or you can bring your own wedding dress.

Horse ride theme

Horse riding at sunset is a great idea for prewedding in Bali. When you have romantic sunset and magnificent horse for a photo shoot, what could have been better? You can get the theme of happily ever after with prince and princess’ look. The best thing is you do not have to be great at riding the horse because the photographer will tell you what to do. There are lots of beautiful beaches with the magnificent sunset in Bali; you just need to point out one.

Vintage photo theme

Vintage photo theme will never go old. The timeless and antique sense will add more glamor touch to your photos. If you want to do a vintage photo session in Bali, you can choose the Bistrot Café. Originated as a showroom, the Bistrot Café features elegant and vintage feels interior. If you cannot stand the heat in the afternoon in Bali, indoor prewedding photo session with the vintage theme at Bistrot Café is a great option.

Rice fields

Bali is famous for the calming rice field scenery. The green rice field spread with mountainous background creates a splendid landscape. Some couples choose the rice field as photo shoot location due to the wonderful scenery. Plus, the roadside area is great for the alternatives.

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