Guide to Prewedding Photography in Bali

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Bali is not only a great place for a getaway; the island is the number one destination for a prewedding photo session. The numbers of photographers are also increasing every year considering the increasing demand for a prewedding photo session. Even though the island is full of beautiful places and loads of photographers, but finding the right one is another story. If you are planning to have a prewedding photo session, here are some guides to prewedding photography and get the right Bali wedding photographer.

Consider the season – Bali, in general, has two seasons which are a rainy and dry season. Even though you can visit the island all year long, but when you are going to have a prewedding photo shoot, the best time is to come during the dry season. During the dry season, the sun will shine brightly and there will be less rain intensity.

Look for photographer – when you are planning for a prewedding photo shoot in Bali, make sure to book for photographer instead of an agency. There are lots of photo agencies in Bali which eagerly show you the portfolio on the website but then the photographer assistant will do your prewedding photo shoot. Therefore, make sure to book for the quality photographer and do some research first about them. Also, make sure that the photographer is the same person as the one you see on the website profile.

Choose the budget – each photographer has a various rate for a prewedding photo shoot. High price photographer does not always mean they have good quality; also low price photographer also does not always poor in quality. Therefore, do not base your decision on the price, but on the quality. Make sure to compare the price between one photographer and another and ask for the facilities that you will get for the money that you pay.

Look for shooting venue – there are plenty venues that can be a great photo shoot in Bali. People mostly choose beaches, temples, rice fields, and so on. However, you need to understand that not all locations in Bali are allowed for public visitation, let alone prewedding photo shoot. Therefore, before the day of shooting, make sure that you have the permit to shoot photo there. Some tourist attraction may also charge more for a prewedding photo session; so, make sure you are informed about that. Another alternative is the hotel you are staying. There are lots of beautiful hotels and resorts which can be your venue for the photo shoot while you stay there. Of course, you should ask the hotel if you are allowed to have a photo session and if there is an additional charge applied.

Photography theme – the theme of the prewedding is crucial. You cannot just go to places without knowing the theme. If you do not have theme in mind, ask the photographer to give you an idea of the awesome prewedding. Have a communication with the photographer to build the prewedding concept as well as decrease the awkwardness. The photo shoot should be fun.

Make photo shoot rundown – photo shoot session also requires rundown to make sure things are going accordingly. Write down everything that you need for the photo shoot including make-up time, changing clothes, and travel time.

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