How to set a prewedding photo in Bali

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Having a pre-wedding photo session in Bali has been becoming a trend recently. The fact is that there are a lot of foreign tourists who visit Bali because they want to take pre-wedding photos. Certainly, you also need to know several things when planning to have a pre-wedding photo session in Bali. Here, Bali wedding photographer gives some tips to you if you want to have a pre-wedding photo session in this wonderful island.

Choose the right photographer

Each photographer have their own uniqueness in terms of Styles, colours even composition. Every photographer have their long experiences in wedding or other photographs, but not everyone will meet your needs. Some people loves photographs in dark colours, high contrast, blurred style images and also bright clean and natural colour. So which one do you like better?

Paying Attention to the Weather

Bali is so popular with its nature beauty, so you need to pay attention to the weather if you want to get some beautiful photo results. This is really important despite it is not easy to predict the climate these days. However, you can actually consult your Bali wedding photographer to know the exact time to avoid bad weather. It is not recommended to take pre-wedding photos in December up to February because it is a rainy season in these months. Choosing local photographers means you will have better information to pick the best season of doing prewedding.

Observing the Pre-wedding Location

Pre-wedding location in Bali is really plentiful so it will make you confused to choose the best one. If you want to make sure the place you choose, then you can actually observe the location first. You can ask the Bali wedding photographer team to manage the route so that you can move to other locations effectively. There are three recommended routes that you can take. The north route is Bedugul where you can choose Tamblingan Lake, Buyan, Beratan, and Kebun Raya. The northeast route is Ubud to Kintamani. The south route is Benoa to Kuta and then to Jimbaran and Nusa Dua.

Making Sure You are On Time

This is one of the bad habits that you need to pay attention when you want to have an outdoor pre-wedding photo session. Being on time is not an option, it is a must if you choose an outdoor location. Bali has a lot of wonderful views when sunrise comes or when the sunset appears. You can choose Ubud or Kintamani to see a wonderful sunrise. This is a golden hour that you should not miss. The sunrise must be beautiful to become a pre-wedding background and it is very quick so you need to be on time. You can consult your Bali wedding photographer if you want to get a beautiful sunrise background and sunset background. If you want to have a sunset background, then you can choose a beach. Tegal Wangi Beach is one of the best beaches for pre-wedding in Bali that has a wonderful sunset view in the evening.

Well, those are several things to know before you have a pre-wedding photo session in Bali. You need to keep in mind all of those things so that your pre-wedding will be fascinating. You need to choose the perfect location in Bali but you can actually ask your Bali wedding photographer the best place for pre-wedding.

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