Some Quick Tips For Prewedding Photos

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In general, prewedding photography has helped the photography in Indonesia. Since the digital SLR cameras are quite popular among the photographer along with the booming of prewedding photos in Asia, so all of the Bali wedding photographers are required to pursue prewedding photography techniques and present them to their wedding clients.

Prewedding in Bali is an industry which has a great opportunity. Todays’ people are now willing to spend their money for a prewedding photo shoot because it also becomes an important thing in marriage. Some of the Bali wedding photographer clients are willing to pay more than 100 million Rupiahs for only taking prewedding photo shoot. Some of the clients even come from overseas who intentionally visit Bali to take prewedding photos.

The essence of prewedding is that clients can have photos that reconcile their love story before entering the marriage life. Usually, a woman and a man will look most beautiful and handsome before their marriage. After married, they will focus more on building a family, and less concerned with appearance. Prewedding photos are also often used to decorate their marriage reception and are also used to announce their marriage that will soon be celebrated.

This phenomenon encourages us as one of Bali wedding photographers to diligently explore the art of photography. Here are some tips that some of the photographers use in a prewedding photo shoot, so the prewedding photo will look more fantastic.

Expression – We know that this is the most important thing in prewedding photography. A Bali wedding photographer needs to capture the expression of the couples. To get an ideal expression, a photographer must be able to animate his client and make them feel comfortable. The first approach that should be done is start from the first meeting with the client. He must be friendly and listen carefully to what the clients want.

Locations – For the prewedding location, clients will usually have some choices they wish. The photographer must also advise some good spots for the photo shoot. A photographer should not forget to choose a location that suits the shooting theme. The photographer always chooses a location that is not too crowded, especially at the beginning of the shooting, to make it easier to establish good communication with clients, and avoid nervousness because they will be watched by the surrounding people. As local photographer, we knew Bali very well.

Time – The Bali wedding photographer should schedule a shooting session around sunrise or sunset. The photographer should always arrange the shooting schedules just before sunrise and before sunset. The photographer will certainly start a photo session on the schedule in order to get a warm glow from the sun and also avoid the crowd. A prewedding photo shoot in a popular location will be quiet in the early hours. By shooting in the morning and afternoon, the sun is closer to the horizon line. This will create natural lighting from the sun which is softer and calmer.  It is also warmer in the early morning. This soft light will make it easy to achieve the right exposure for background and model.



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