Huijun & Linna – Bali Wedding Simple and Elegant at Tirtha Chapel Uluwatu

Huijin Lu and Linna Li flew from China only to realize their greatest dream to make a wedding ceremony in Bali. They said Bali is not only a paradise for travelers, but also the most romantic place in the world. The exotic nature of Bali is a magical magnet that able to create a romantic atmosphere for lovers. Huijin Lu told us about how his struggle to win over Linna Li’s heart. His tremendous love for Linna Li made ​​Huijin Lu proposed her to get married. Both committed to live together forever in the bonds of marriage. Well, lucky for us as bali wedding photographer was asked by them to photograph their sacred moment.

One of the best venues bali villa wedding, Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel became a witness to their historic day. Wedding decorations for this place looks so charming. The white color dominated venue decoration. The concept of wedding ceremony was outdoor party. The villa has a chapel with such a unique architecture. You must see how artistic the chapel is. At first glance, it looks like a pyramid and surrounded by crystal clear pool. Interestingly, this chapel view is towards to the blue ocean panorama. It makes one of the bali villa wedding venues so special to them. It could bring a real Bali natural atmosphere into the wedding ambience.

Well, we started to their wedding photography bali from their preparation, as bridal makeup session, until the end on the night reception. It was a tiring day for us, but also at the same time so happy could capture a variety of beautiful moments of their special day together. Especially, we could feel the warmth of the love this couple, which gives a perfect feel for completing their wedding photography in bali. We captured every detail of the wedding, from wedding items, ornaments, and especially their expression at ceremony.

This couple’s wedding party could be quite and private, because only attended by their families, relatives, and closest friends. The wedding venue became more intimate and full of warmth. Moment, when they officially declared as husband and wife was the most moving moments. Our cameras captured the expression of their happiness through their smiles of love.

After the sacred wedding ceremony, we as bali professional wedding photographer took this opportunity to make a short photo shoot with the couple around the venue. It was also the perfect time to get a sunset effect for their wedding photography bali. We could only say a big “WOW” to the results of the photo shoots. Finally, we knew why they should be included in the list of one of the most romantic couples in this century.

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