Things You need to Know before Prewedding Photo Session in Bali

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Prewedding is the most interesting event that every couple waiting for. Bali is one famous destination for a prewedding photo shoot. There are lots of beautiful destinations as the background of the photo shoot. It is also not difficult to find photographers to get the photo shoot done. Speaking of Bali Wedding photographers, below are some things that you should know about having a prewedding photo session in the island.

The season

The first thing to consider before having a Prewedding photo session in Bali is the season. Since Bali lies in equator and has a tropical climate, there are two seasons of the year. The season is affected by the monsoons which result in a high intensity of rainfall. It will be no problem if you have indoor theme photo session, but if you plan to have the beach and outdoor photo sessions, make sure to consider the time. The wet season comes during October to April while the dry season comes during April to September. The best time for a prewedding photo session is during the dry season when the sun shines brightly and the sky is blue.

Be careful of Hidden fee

When it comes prewedding photo session, there are always hidden fees which the photographer does not tell you in advance. The hidden fees include transport fees, makeup, and hairdo, dresses and gowns rent, entrance fee for some locations, transportation fee, and other surprise fees. To avoid getting charged for hidden fees, it is important to as the detail of the photo shoot packages. You should know what you will get at the price given. Make sure that the price has covered all the services without hidden fee. Remember, if the package looks cheap and too good to be true, it probably has loads of hidden fees.

Traveling time matters

Traveling time is a factor that usually overlooked. This is the time that you take for getting to one location to another during the photo session. For example driving to Uluwatu to Tanah Lot may take around 2 hours and if you stay in Nusa Dua, it may take 3 hours to reach the destination. Chances are you will spend most of the time of the photo shoot day getting trapped in the car. Therefore, choose the destinations wisely and ask for photographer’s opinion. There is no need to travel far away to the island to get to famous spot because there are lots of other infamous places with a breathtaking view.

Bring your own photographer

Bringing your own photographer is becoming more and more popular these days. This is because working with someone you already know is a great thing. Rather than gambling on hiring local photographers, bring your own photographer gives you fun time during the photo shoot. But, there are also hidden risks for bringing photographers from your home country because it is considered illegal for someone to work in Bali without a clear permit. However, if you do not want to pay for the photographer itinerary in the island and deal with the legal matter, there are plenty world-class photographers who work and live in Bali and even speak your language. All you have to do is do a small research to get them in radar.

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