Tegal Wangi Beach for the Best Prewedding Spot

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The beauty of Bali cannot be separated from the existence of some exotic beaches that you can visit. Kuta beach is too common and there are many other beautiful beaches on the island of Bali that have their own uniqueness and charm. These beaches are really worth for prewedding photo session and you can hire a professional Bali wedding photographer to take your prewedding photos. One of the most popular beaches is Tegal Wangi Beach in Jimbaran.

Although this beach does not have a lot of visitors as you find them in Kuta beach, this beach has its own specialty if we compared it to other beaches. You can witness the beauty of Tegal Wangi beach which has wonderful cliffs. There are also so many beautiful green trees that make the beach looks perfect for a background. Besides, you can also see the waves with turquoise water and the white sand that make the atmosphere on this beach more comfortable for us to visit and take some prewedding pictures.

This Tegal Wangi beach is categorized as a hidden beach in Bali. That’s why you are recommended to hire an experienced Bali wedding photographer if you want to get there. Besides, the path to this beach is also small and the way is also uneven. Once you reach the location, then you will feel amazed at the view. Not only that, most of the foreign tourists also consider this beach as Jimbaran Hidden beach despite some of the professional Bali wedding photographers are actually already familiar with this beach.

What does this beach offer? Since this beach has little visitors, then the beauty still looks natural with its white sand and its wonderful sunset view. Certainly, this beach must become the best spot to take prewedding photos taken by a professional Bali wedding photographer. For those who want to get married and wish to have some wonderful prewedding photos, then you can choose Tegal Wangi beach as your main destination.

It is not surprisingly that there are so many couples who take some prewedding pictures on this beach every day. Most of the visitors come to this beach because they want to have prewedding photography, but some of the others come to this beach because they want to spend their holiday. If you want to visit Tegal Wangi beach for vacation, then you can hire a tourist guide. But, if you want to have a prewedding photo session in this beach, then you can hire a professional Bali wedding photographer.

You can come to this beach in the morning to take morning session to get the view of the beach and the cliffs. After that, you can stay on the beach until the sunset comes because the sunset of Tegal Wangi beach is really spectacular. So, you should not miss this moment anyway as your best prewedding background.

Well, if you have already planned to get married in this year, then you can try to visit Bali and choose Tegal Wangi beach as your prewedding location. Suppose you do not know to get there, you may count on a professional Bali wedding photographer who will lead you to get to this wonderful beach.

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