Some Favorite Prewedding Location in Bali

prewedding in mangrove forest in Lembongan Island Bali with love couple in the intimate sun light and blue sky

Bali Island is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia and it becomes an icon as the most favorite destination to have prewedding photos for all of the couples. It is not surprisingly that the beauty of Bali has already been recognized by the world. All of the Bali wedding photographers are already familiar with Bali, but there is something that can give a surprise and show a different side of Bali. Perhaps, you want to know some great locations in Bali that are worth for prewedding photo session. In this article, we would like to share with you about three popular locations in Bali for a prewedding.

  1. Kintamani Sunrise

This location is my first favorite location. The view of mountain and the lake are astonishing, no compare. The lights at sunrise is beyond imagination, so dramatic. The golden hours at this location is very beautiful. To have a photo session at this location, needs higher efforts because the bride and groom needs to have makeup and dress up between 2 AM – 3 AM in the morning. so the team can catch the perfect moment of sunrise time.


  1. Jimbaran and Uluwatu

The area of Jimbaran and Uluwatu are two areas with big cliffs and beach areas in the southern part of Bali. It takes 40 minutes to get there if you come from the capital city of Denpasar. However, if you want to get there, then you can entrust it to your Bali wedding photographers because they must know this location.

The view of Uluwatu is commonly used for prewedding background for any couples who take prewedding photos. The cliff and beach background will make a romantic touch for your prewedding. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the wave because some of the beaches are not accessible when the wave is too huge.

  1. The Southern Part of Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is the icon of Bali and everybody knows it. If you want to get to this beach, you only need to take 30 minutes from Denpasar or you can also ask your Bali wedding photographer to show the route to reach the prewedding spot in Kuta. You need to know that Kuta Beach is really crowded so you need a creative photographer who can take a correct photo angle and use this crowds to be a fundamental part of you photo.

Sometimes, Kuta beach is really crowded and your photographer cannot even get a photo with a perfect angle. That’s why you are recommended to choose the southern location of Kuta beach that is not too crowded but the view is still spectacular. The best time to take the prewedding photo session is in the morning between 6 am and 10 am or in the afternoon between 3 pm and 6 pm. It is better for you to have a prewedding photo session in Bali during the office hours and avoid weekend.

  1. Bali Botanical Garden

Another best location for a prewedding photo session in Bali is Bali Botanical Garden. In this garden, you can get a beautiful garden background with a lot of flowers and beautiful forest. This must be a good choice for those who are bored with the beach view. You can head to Tabanan, North Bali or you can let your Bali wedding photographer take you there. It is about 90 minutes from the capital city of Bali. You can take the prewedding photo session anytime you want, but most of the photographers start the session from 7 am up to 1 pm. In addition, you also need to prepare your time because this area is really large.

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