6 Unique Ideas for Your Pre Wedding Photography

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These days, pre wedding is just as important as the wedding itself. Some couples might even do anything they can so that they can have a memorable pre wedding. Just like the wedding, there are many things that you should prepare for pre wedding. One of them is finding the right photographer for your pre wedding. Besides finding the right photographer, other important thing that you should do before your pre wedding is choosing the right theme. Basically, there are various choices of theme that you can choose for your pre wedding photography so that your pre wedding can be more adorable. Below are some unique ideas that you can use in photography of your pre wedding.

Underwater Photo Shoot

One of the most interesting ideas that can be applied for photography of your pre wedding is underwater photo shoot. This concept might be not too popular these days because it’s quite difficult to do. However, if you can choose the right photographer for this concept, you might get a very surprising result. With this theme, you will be able to create dreamlike sequences of your pre wedding.

Beach Side Photo Shoot

Beach is considered as one of the most popular locations for pre wedding. There are so many beautiful beaches in Bali that you can choose as the spot for your pre wedding photography these days. Professional photographer can develop many interesting concepts by using beach as their background. You can have photo shoots on the small pier that leads toward the sea or sit on the big rock that stands among the sea waves.

School Photo Shoot

This one is considered as new trend in photography for pre wedding. School photo shoot is very suitable for those of you who want to create cute and fun photographs for your pre wedding. In this concept, you can wear school uniform and pose like students in classroom or school yard. You also can play a role if you choose this concept. For example, the groom will be the student while the bride will be the teacher. It will be fun and exciting.

Movie Inspired Photo Shoot

Other theme or concept that became very popular for pre wedding these days is movie inspired theme. This concept is very suitable for those couple who loves movie and want to create photography style for pre wedding that is based on their favorite movies. If you want to choose this concept, make sure you hire wedding photographer who is familiar with this concept so that you can get the best result.

Vintage Photo Shoot

If you like something vintage such as old motorcycle or 60s or 50s movies, this concept is the best choice for your pre wedding. You can have your pre wedding photography in this concept by posing like a couple from the 50s and wearing old style gown and suits. There are several properties that you can use such as old truck, old newspaper, or even old motorcycle. You also can have this photo shoot at various locations as well such as old building or even a museum.

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